Machine pin connector mainly serves as a bridge between blocked or isolated circuits in the circuit, and is responsible for current or signal transmission. It is usually used in conjunction with female. So what should a machine pin connector be? Is it used correctly?
1. when using the machine pin connector and the female connector, slowly insert and pull out the machine pin connector and the female connector. Especially when pulling out the pin header, don't use too much force to avoid damaging the pin header. Pay attention to try to ensure pin header. Both ends can come out together.
2. When installing the machine pin connector, if it is found that the pin header lacks the number of pins, you should choose to replace it immediately, otherwise it will cause problems such as the failure of using the pin Header.

3. Be careful not to insert or misplace the machine pin connector during use. If the plug is not smooth, it cannot be forcibly pulled out, so as not to damage the pin header.
4. If there are many rows of machine pin connector, for the connection between the pin header and the pin header, pay attention to whether the pin header is aligned with the pin of the pin header, or it is not aligned once, which will easily lead to the bending of the pin header.
5. The machine pin connector has been used for too long, and the dust in the pin header pin should be removed frequently. Because once the dust accumulates too much, it will cause poor contact between pin header and pin header, and some current or signal transmission will be unstable during the use of pin header and pin header.
The above are some methods about how to use machine pin connector. They are usually used in conjunction with female to form a board-to-board connection; Or used together with electronic cable to form board-to-wire connection; They can also be used independently for board-to-board connection.