At present, the application fields of connectors are very extensive, covering almost all the scenes that need electric signal and optical signal transmission and interaction, among which automobile, communication, computer, industry, transportation, military industry and other fields account for the top.
With the continuous expansion of application fields, the connector industry has gradually developed into an industry with complete product categories, rich varieties and specifications, subdivided professional direction, obvious industry characteristics, standardized standard system, serialization and specialization.
As a professional connector &cable R&D and manufacturer, Denentech specializes in precision board-to-board connectors, wire-to-board connectors and cable components. The company insists on specialized production, from the development and design of metal plastics and zinc alloy molds to precision high-speed stamping and plastic injection molding and automatic assembly. Denentech is committed to adhering to the principle of specialization and providing customers with high-quality and competitive products.

The product specifications are complete and the series is various. Take female header as an example to briefly introduce:
The pin number and spacing of female header connectors can be different according to the specific needs, such as single row, dual row, triple row and so on. It is often used to connect different electronic components on the circuit board or between circuit boards, and has the characteristics of pluggability, multi-pin, fixation and stability. There are many different specifications and pin numbers to choose from to meet the needs of different applications. When selecting connectors, the number, spacing, material and performance requirements of pins need to be considered to ensure that the connectors are suitable for specific projects or applications.
1.180° DIP-female header
The Pin is long enough to pass through the board and be fixed on the other side when inserting the circuit board. This design enables other components on the circuit board to be directly connected to the pin to form an electrical connection.

2.90°DIP-female header
One end of the Pin is connected to the female header itself, and the other end can be inserted into the pad of the circuit board. The pin length and spacing of 90°DIP-female header can be designed according to specific requirements, and it is bent to make it at right angles to the board surface when inserted into the circuit board, especially suitable for scenes that need to be connected in a compact space.

3.180° SMT-female header
When installing the 180 SMT-FemaleHeader, make sure that the pin is aligned with the hole of the circuit board and welded correctly, so as to ensure that the connection between the pin and the circuit board is firm and reliable. In addition, the pin diameter and hole size of 180° SMT-female header need to be matched correctly to ensure good insertion and fixing effect.

4.90° SMT-female header
This design enables the connector to be directly mounted on the circuit board by surface mount technology (SMT) without perforation. It is especially suitable for that design and automatic production of high-density circuit board. Commonly used in electronic equipment, communication equipment, computer motherboards, mobile devices and other fields. Compared with the 180° SMT female header, the 90° SMT female header has a smaller size and can achieve a higher layout density of the circuit board. In addition, since the welding is carried out on the surface, more reliable electrical connection can be provided and mechanical stress caused by perforation can be reduced.