D-sub connector
The d-sub connector designed by production has many models, options and accessories, and it is a very economical interconnection solution. Comprises a d-sub connector with high and low frequencies, high current and high density, wherein the d-sub connector comprises an insulating body, a harpoon lock, a back cover and a plurality of conductive terminals; After assembly, the harpoon lock is limited in the limiting mechanism, thus effectively solving the problem that the existing d-sub connector has different feet due to the unreliable locking position of the harpoon and easy rotation.

Matters needing attention in welding
(1) It is suggested that the inner mold should be covered with a layer of heat-insulating adhesive tape before copper foil wrapping to prevent the core wire from being burnt when welding copper foil or injection molding the outer mold;
(2) The coated copper foil is not allowed to be cracked or damaged;
(3) If the copper foil is found to be damaged, the damaged part can be sealed with copper foil, and then the joint between the repaired copper foil and the original copper foil should be completely welded with solder;
(4) After the copper foil is completely wrapped, it is not allowed to see the internal mold or the core wire exposed from any angle;
(5) Be careful not to burn the core wire during welding.
(6) Solder is not allowed to dissolve into the gap between the internal mold and the connector, and it is not allowed to penetrate into the heat insulation adhesive tape of the internal mold.