Denentech Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Denentech Hardware Electronic Co.,ltd, established in 2005, specializes in manufacture of precision board to board ,Wire to board connecters and cable assemblies for connectors, for computer & peripheral devices.
Denentech are motivated to persistent the principle of specialization meanwihle supplies customers the products with high quality and competitive prices from the development and design of metal, plastic and zinc alloy molds, to precision high-speed punch molding and plastic injection molding and automatic assembly since the foundation Denentech Hardware Electronic Co.,ltd, located at jinghai Road, shatou Industrial zone ,ChangAn Town, Dongguan City,Guangdong province. Denentech has more than 3000 square meters,We are using precision molding instruments , such as Switzerland charmilles ,Japan sodick wire-cutting machine ,precision plastic and zinc alloy injection machines, high-speed punch machines. Testing facilities and over 50 automatic assembly machines .

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1394 Connectors

High-speed transmission: It provides a higher data transmission rate than the traditional USB interface, which can meet the needs of multimedia and real-time applications.

SCSI Connectors

The SCSI connector is a high-performance interface standard used to connect computers and external devices. Used to connect devices such as disk drives, printers, scanners, etc.

Production Process

Connectors are precisely and automatically assembled using an automated assembly line. Position, align and secure parts quickly and accurately, ensuring assembly quality and consistency.


PogoPin connector is a reliable, high-performance and flexible connection solution widely used in various electronic devices and applications to meet the needs of fast, reliable and high-density connections.

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jumper Connectors

Jumper cap connectors usually consist of two parts: a plug and a receptacle. A plug is a small connector, usually with pins or contacts, that plugs into a socket.

Servo cable series

The servo cable connector is a connector used to connect the cable between the servo motor and the driver. Servo cable connectors play an important role in transmitting power signals and control signals.

Round hole Pin Header Female Header row series

Round hole pin headers are a common connector series used to establish reliable electrical connections between electronic devices, circuit boards, and connecting wires.

Pin Header series

Pin headers are a common connector series widely used in the connection between electronic equipment and circuit boards. They are usually made of metal and have thin, post-shaped pins that plug into circuit boards or other connectors.

Female Header

Female row is a common connector series, which is used for mating connection with pin headers to realize the connection between electronic equipment and circuit boards.

D-SUB series

D-SUB (also known as D-Subminiature) is a common connector series named for its D-shaped appearance. They are widely used in electronic devices and computer systems to transmit power, signals and data.

DIN41612 series

DIN41611 is a series of electronic connectors that comply with the specifications of DIN (German Industrial Standard). It is commonly used in the connection between electronic devices and circuit boards.