Magnetic connector is a magnet part which is added with automatic adsorption on the basis of pogo pin connector part, and it is divided into male and female ends, and the two ends can be tightly adsorbed together when they are close, so it can also be called magnetic pogo pin connector. The automatic connection of male and female magnetic connectors is usually measured by the magnitude of adsorption force, and the unit is n or g.

Pogo pin connectors are used in consumer electronics, e-cigarettes, TWS Bluetooth headsets, smart wear, automobiles, medical care, communications and other fields. Chuanfu Electronics specializes in selecting and customizing pogopin connectors for related standards such as pogo pin, spring pin connectors, magnetic connectors and wire harnesses.

1. The contact resistance is stable.
High-current pogo pin connectors are mainly used in intelligent terminal equipment, such as intelligent equipment, so the stability and resistance of current signals can stabilize the performance of equipment.

2. Working frequency and duration.
The high-current pogo pin connectors need to be plugged and unplugged repeatedly, and the working frequency is very strict. The service life of pogo pin connectors can reach about 50,000, and the service life of Hirono brand pogo pin connectors can reach 100,000 times.

3. Small size, high density and light weight.
With the development of science and technology, intelligent devices are becoming more compact, more powerful and more diverse in appearance, so the size and accuracy of high-current pogo pin connectors are required.

4. Easy to update.
With the development of technology, when installing a high-current pogo pin connector, the components can be updated and replaced with new and better components.