Pogo pin single pin usually needs turning, electroplating (electroplating should ensure that the coating in the hole is good, without blackening, abnormal color and poor coating), riveting, testing and other processes. pogo pin connector is a plastic device added to the spring pin.

Denentech Deneng Zhien Electronics has summarized the production process of pogopin connector for you as follows: automatic aligning machine shakes the needle tube/spring/needle shaft → laminating → automatic riveting → automatic preloading and riveting detection → automatic impedance detection → automatic elastic force detection → automatic length and outer diameter detection → automatic needle shaking of array machine → rubber core loading → automatic riveting → appearance inspection → capping → tape packaging.

In order to ensure the quality of Pogo pin connector, it is necessary to strictly control every link in the production process. The following are some common control measures:

1. Material selection: Select high-quality materials as the basic materials of pogo pin, such as stainless steel or copper alloy. At the same time, carry out material inspection to ensure its quality meets the requirements.

2. Cutting and forming: The cutting and forming process of pogo pin should be precise to ensure that the angle and shape of the bent part meet the design requirements, so as to ensure the functionality and reliability of the product.

3. Cleaning treatment: clean the dirt and grease on pogo pin surface to ensure the plating effect.

4. Plating treatment: the uniformity, thickness and composition of plating are one of the key factors to ensure product quality. Introduce automatic control and quality inspection technology to improve the consistency of production efficiency and product quality.

5. Quality inspection: In the production process, the key parameters are strictly controlled and inspected, including the length and diameter of the spring, the shape and size of the connector, etc. And use professional test equipment to verify the electrical performance and reliability of the spring needle.

6. Packaging and marking: Correct packaging can ensure that the products are not damaged during transportation and storage, and anti-counterfeiting marks that meet international standards are used to ensure the authenticity and safety of the products.

To sum up, control every link, strictly implement the production process, adopt advanced production technology and equipment, and conduct quality inspection on each batch of products to ensure the quality and reliability of Pogo pin connector.