In recent years, the production and development of connector technology trends have greatly changed the connector market. Today's connector designs require higher performance in a smaller space, and therefore thinner wall thickness, as high-density packaging and micronization trends become popular.

The plastic material should be able to accommodate the design of filling thin walls on the longer connector body and maintain the original performance while meeting the cost and production time requirements. Pure copper stranded wire pin is composed of three inner ring, seven beryllium bronze thread for outer ring, inner and outer circle reverse twisted, both ends of fusion welding, pin central projection of circumscribed diameter greater than the contact part of the garden of the jack inside diameter, work with the stress and axial rotation elongation, compression deformation and closely contact with jack form 7 o 'clock. Its unique structural characteristics make it have good elasticity and contact performance as well as special vibration resistance, impact resistance ability, the test proved that its impact resistance acceleration (three directions 3000 times) up to 150g.



More fluid plastics are now being developed to meet Pogil's requirements and allow for faster production cycle times. Today, plastics are constantly exposed to high temperatures during the manufacturing cycle and subsequent molding production cycle. For example, the mounting of smaller components on a high-density circuit board has gradually adopted surface-bonding technology, which can provide a more reliable integrated circuit board at a lower price. This apparent trend in the connector industry requires connector materials with better high-temperature performance, pressure resistance in smaller Spaces, and lower cost.

Its miniaturized design benefits from improvements in key components. The elastic contact is the key part in the connector, its structural characteristics directly affect the contact performance of the connector, and it is the key to determine the size of the connector. In the traditional connector jack is elastic parts, if the elastic jack to do very small, it is difficult to ensure its good contact and vibration resistance and impact resistance performance. Because the elastic jack can not be further miniaturized, this hinders the multi-wire electrical connector to the small, high density direction of the development of the demand, with the emergence of the elastic stranded pin completely overcome this fatal weakness.