Perhaps you have already felt, that is ubiquitous in industrial society, but also the insignificant small component -- connector. Connector is the key component of current or signal connection, but also the key part of industrial system. From aircraft and rockets to smartphones and Internet TVS, connectors come in various forms and play a key role in connecting people. As a result, the connector industry specializing in research and production of connectors emerged.

The quality of the connector can often directly affect the final quality of the entire product.

DIN41612 2.54mm connector

The birth of the connector was originally in order to facilitate the assembly and maintenance of industrial products. It was born out of World War II-era fighter technology to connect to the unitary components of instruments. With the end of the war and the rise of civilian technology, connector applications are becoming more and more extensive. More manufacturers are pouring into the blue ocean. But in recent years, the global connector manufacturer giant, still by the United States and Japan occupy 70% of the quota. And the order also tends to concentrate to the head enterprise, Matthew effect is obvious.