Servo connectors are commonly used to connect servo motors and controllers to transmit power and signals. These connectors have a special design to ensure reliable electrical and mechanical connections and are able to withstand vibration and other environmental factors. They include power lines, encoder signal lines, control signal lines and so on.


Servo connectors can be divided into different types according to their use and characteristics.

1. Connection type. According to the connection type, servo connector can be divided into plug-in connectors and welded connectors. Plug-in connectors are easy to install and maintain, while welded connectors are generally better suited for use in high vibration environments.

2. Electrical characteristics. According to the required voltage, current and signal transmission requirements, servo connectors can be divided into different electrical specifications, such as low voltage, high voltage, low power, high power, etc.

3. Protection level. According to the requirements of the application, servo connectors may have different levels, such as waterproof, dustproof, IP65, IP67 and so on.

4. Connection number. According to the number of lines that need to be connected, connectors can be divided into single-pin connectors, multi-pin connectors, etc.

5. Standard: Servo connectors can meet different industry standards or association standards, such as M12, M23 and other standards.


Servo connectors are widely used in a variety of automation and control systems, mainly including:

1. Robotics: Used to connect servo motors and controllers to achieve accurate motion control.

2. CNC machine tools: used to connect servo drives and CNC systems to achieve high-precision machining operations.

3. Medical equipment: Used to connect servo motors and controllers in medical robots or precision medical equipment.

4. Automated production line: used to connect various servo drives and controllers to achieve accurate control and regulation on the production line.

5. Unmanned aerial vehicle: used to connect the servo motor and flight control system on the UAV or other aircraft.