The 112G-224G high-speed connector outlet is approaching, and major manufacturers in various industries have entered the market.

With the expansion of 5G networks and the rapid development of 6G technology, the demand for improved data transmission speed and performance of network equipment such as routers and switches will only increase.

The connector will also evolve from 12.5G and 25G to 56G-112G, and the high-speed era is coming. At present, we have seen some trends, and major manufacturers in various industries have begun to enter 112G PAM4 products.

The global connector consumer market is mainly distributed in China, North America, Europe and other places. In 2021, China's global connector consumer market share will reach 32.03%, and the market shares of North America and Europe will be 21.14% and 20.87%, respectively. Affected by global economic fluctuations, the growth of the European, American and Japanese markets has slowed down in recent years, or even declined, while emerging markets represented by China and the Asia-Pacific region have grown strongly, becoming the main driving force for the growth of the global connector market.