DIN41612 connector, it is also called European socket connector. Widely used in rail transit, industrial control, data center, store, server, telecommunication facilities, Shielded or unshielded accessories are provided for the connection between boards and motherboards of various 3U and 6U devices, such as backplane and motherboard accessories, conversion systems and modular rack systems, and for the external I/O connection connectors of boards. The contact piece is made of copper alloy, which has stable transmission and strong conductivity; The contact plating with gold/nickel, which is corrosion-resistant and rust-proof, durable and reliable in connection.

Advantages of DIN41612 connector:

  1. It is improvingthe production process. The connector simplifies the assembly process of electronic products and the mass production process.
  2. It is easy to maintain. If an electronic component fails, the failed component can be quickly replaced when the connector is installed.
  3. It is easy to upgrade. With the development of technology, the components can be updated when the connector is installed, and the old components can be replaced by new and more perfect components.
  4. It is improvingthe flexibility of design. Using connectors has greater flexibility in designing and integrating new products and composing systems with components.