Denentech is pleased to announce that we have launched a brand-new 10-pin lead-free and environmentally-friendly pogopin circular magnetic connector, which provides a more advanced and reliable solution for your connection needs. This connector is made of environmentally friendly materials, does not contain harmful substances, conforms to the latest environmental protection standards, and is committed to protecting the environment and your health.

Our magnetic connector has a male and female matching design, which can easily connect a circular magnetic connector with a diameter of 10 mm, ensuring a stable and reliable connection and making your equipment work more smoothly. The design of magnetic attraction function makes the connection process more convenient, which saves you time and effort and improves work efficiency.

Denentech has always paid attention to product quality and performance, and every detail has been carefully designed and strictly tested. Our 10-pin lead-free pogopin circular magnetic connector is suitable for various fields, including communication equipment, consumer electronics products and industrial control, and provides reliable connection support for your project.

Choosing Denentech's new magnetic connector means choosing a safer and more reliable connection experience, and at the same time contributing to environmental protection. Welcome to contact us for more details and experience the high-quality connection solution brought by Denentech!