Main types of connectors

Electrical connectors are widely used and have many types. In the industry, products are generally classified according to their working frequency, basic shape, fixed form, connection mode, use situation and other characteristics.
1. According to working frequency: connectors with working frequency lower than 3MHz are called low-frequency electrical connectors; Connectors with operating frequency higher than or equal to 3MHz are called high-frequency electrical connectors.
2. According to the basic appearance
Circular electrical connector: The basic structure is circular and has a circular plug interface.
Rectangular electrical connector: the basic structure is rectangular, with rectangular or trapezoidal interface.
3. Classification by fixed method
Fixed end electrical connector: passive connector installed on the panel or base (or not installed).
Free end electrical connector: an active connector with connecting nut or other locking device that is matched with the fixed end connector.
4. According to locking mode
(1) Bayonet type electrical connector: a connector with a curve slot and a pin connection structure that is locked by rotation.
(2) Push-pull electrical connector: a connector with a push-pull connection structure that can be directly inserted and locked through thrust.
(3) Locking electrical connector: a connector with a locking structure and locked by 90 ° rotation.
(4) Threaded electrical connector: a connector with a threaded structure that is screwed by rotation.
(5) Auto-connecting electrical connector: a connector with an auto-guided feed structure, which can be inserted directly or rotated.

5. Classified according to use occasions
(1) General low-frequency electrical connector: it has two shapes, round and rectangular, and is widely used in the electrical connection between cables and chassis, cables and cables.
(2) Printed circuit connector: usually rectangular in shape, used for electrical connection between printed boards or electrical interconnection between rack and printed boards.
(3) Chassis and cabinet connector: usually rectangular in shape. This type of connector is generally used in drawer cabinet or plug-in components and other applications.
(4) RF connector: the connector that transmits RF signals. At present, the highest transmission frequency is 110GHz.
(5) Special connectors, such as separation and falling off, are applicable to the connectors used in the occasions where the axial or radial separation is achieved between the aircraft stages or between the aircraft and ground equipment and in special applications.