1.Wear resistance: Polyurethane material has high wear resistance, which is suitable for high wear resistance environment instead of NBR sheathed towing cable;

2.Oil resistance: For cables exposed to or soaked in oil pollution for a long time, especially for corrosive oil pollution, the towing cable with polyurethane sheath can meet the requirements, and it can be moved and bent for a long time in such an environment, and its performance is irreplaceable by conventional NBR sheathed cables;

3.Waterproofing: For high-flexibility cables that are exposed to water for a long time or directly immersed in water, such as those used in ocean-going underwater equipment, the polyurethane material special for seawater is used as the sheath, which has excellent waterproof performance and hydrolysis resistance;

4.Temperature range: polyurethane towing cable products, whose instantaneous high temperature can reach 105℃, have excellent high and low temperature performance;

5.Compared with the elastomer nitrile, the polyurethane pur sheath material has more excellent mechanical resistance, and can be applied to occasions and environments with higher moving speed and acceleration as the equipment moves and bends repeatedly for a long time.

PUR polyurethane flat towing cable

PUR polyurethane flat towing cable can be used in wet areas. The integral tinned copper wire shield ensures the transmission of exact data and protects the cable from electromagnetic interference and influence. The special structure and mixed PVC materials make the cable have a long working life. The further precise professional design greatly improves the bending resistance of the cable, making it more durable, safer and more reliable in the towing chain system with continuous bending, free movement, no tension and forced movement, and can also bear certain tension and forced movement (refer to the cable design requirements for details). The cable has different chemical resistance (conforming to IEC811-21), oil resistance (conforming to EN 60811-404) and mechanical properties, and the different mechanical properties guarantee the cycle service life of more than 3 million times, 5 million times and 10 million times.

PUR polyurethane flat towing cable characteristics:

1.High flexibility: ultra-fine oxygen-free bare copper wire is used to finely twist the cable conductor, and the cable insulation and sheath materials are optimized to effectively ensure the high flexibility of the cable;

2.Bending resistance: optimize the cable structure and the twisting pitch (conductor/cable), and select insulation materials with high mechanical properties. The designed bending radius of the cable is 7.5 times the cable outer diameter, and the designed bending service life is more than 5 million times, so as to ensure the installation and application of the cable in long-term cyclic reciprocating bending occasions;

3.Anti-interference: For the occasions with high requirements for anti-electromagnetic interference, Chengjia Cable designs and customizes TRVVBP shielded drag chain flat cable, that is, the high-density shielding mesh layer of the cable is woven with tinned copper wire to enhance the anti-electromagnetic interference performance of the cable;

4.Environmental adaptability: specially modified elastomer Ding Qing outer sheath, the cable is especially suitable for mobile installation in conventional industrial environment.