SATA connectors usually consist of the following main parts:

Data connector: SATA data connector is used to transmit data signals. It is usually a 7-pin connector, which is divided into two parts: a 15-pin power connector and a 7-pin data connector. The 7 pins of the data connector are used to transmit data signals.

Power connector: SATA power connector usually includes 15 pins, which are used to supply power to connected SATA devices, such as hard disk drives or optical drives. These power connectors provide +3.3V, +5V and +12V power supplies.

Locking connector: SATA connectors usually have a locking mechanism to ensure a firm connection and prevent accidental unplugging. This helps to maintain the stability of the connection and the reliability of data transmission.

Data cable: SATA connector usually needs to be used with SATA data cable to connect data transmission between SATA device and motherboard or controller card. These cables include two SATA connectors, one for connecting to the motherboard or controller card and the other for connecting to SATA devices.

In a word, SATA connector consists of data connector, power connector, locking mechanism and corresponding data cable. These components together support data transmission and power supply between SATA devices.