We can find connectors in the smart electronic products used daily. Connectors are key components in countless electronic devices because they can realize and protect the transmission of electrical signals. From connecting key computer components to the connecting wires in the cars we drive, they play a wide range of roles, and the applications they serve are also different. Although some designs are simple, connectors are usually implemented in complex electrical systems. Therefore, the connector must be durable and reliable, while being easy to assemble and use. Although not all electrical connectors can withstand extreme environments, a large number of connector specifications ensure that a suitable application type can be found for customized equipment.

In many industries, connectors are plated with a special coating when connectors are used. The use of contact coatings on connectors can not only reduce the corrosion intrusion of the environment on the connectors, but also improve the wear resistance of the connectors. And durability, it can also maintain the connector impedance stably in terms of electrical performance. Help improve and use the product quality effect of the plated connector.

The specific performance is as follows:

1. Plating the connector helps to improve the mechanical performance;

2. Plating the connector can improve the anti-corrosion function;

3. Plating the connector helps to improve the electrical performance;

4. The connector coating also has the characteristics of using ordinary metal coating;

5. Connector plating also has the characteristics of using precious metal plating.