What is the relationship between the connector and the motor system?

A conductor device that allows current or signals to flow from one conductor to another is called an electronic connector, which is a type of electrical motor system. It can provide a separable interface to connect two secondary electronic systems. Simply put, the components used to complete the electrical connection between circuits or electronic devices are called connectors.

Chinese name: 电子连接器

Foreign name: Electronic connector

The alias is also called circuit connector, electrical connector. Classification is external type and internal type

Introduction: Electronic connectors are also often called circuit connectors. Electrical connectors are conductor devices that bridge two conductors on a loop so that current or signals can flow from one conductor to another. It is widely used in various electrical circuits, and plays the role of connecting or disconnecting current or signal. This connection may be temporary and easy to plug and unplug at any time, or it may be a permanent junction between electrical equipment or wires.

Electronic connectors are devices that transmit electronic signals (analog signals or digital signals). They can provide a separate interface to connect two secondary electronic systems, and are used to complete electrical connections between circuits or electronic devices. Such as: power plug/socket, IC socket, telephone line plug, etc. It is widely used in the electronics industry.