Four major trends in connector development, with the increasingly obvious trend of intelligent products, connector products present four development trends.

Trend one, from standard products to customization

Traditional connector belong to passive products, manufacturers provide standardized products to customers, with electronic product diversification, and more and more intelligent products such as robots, unmanned aerial vehicles, manufacturers need more customized connector products to adapt to the needs, connector products manufacturers need and development of new products with customers, meet customer's need to read a shape and function, So the connector manufacturer should participate in the customer's design in advance.

Trend two, from single signal transmission to multi-signal transmission

Traditional connectors transmit a single signal, such as video, control, or data signals. As electronics become thinner and thinner, connectors transmit multiple signals instead of a single signal. The same cable can transmit optical, electrical, or other signals simultaneously, which also saves space and improves system reliability.

Trend three, from passive products to modular intelligent

Traditional connector manufacturers are moving from a passive product to a modular one in order to make more profit. For example, cable providers in servers are making connectors smart by adding active ics to turn a single cable into a smart cable that can monitor data.

Trend four, miniaturization thin miniaturization

Now electronic products increasingly thin, but also promote even machine products, connector products to small size, low height, narrow spacing, multi-function, long life, surface installation and other directions, so connector manufacturers to adapt to these changes to improve the process and design.