I. D-Sub cable
Excellent molded D-Sub cable, HD15 male/female.
The extension of serial equipment/peripheral equipment is realized by direct wiring. The gold-plated contacts can ensure the connection reliability after repeated plugging and unplugging, and the hexagon nut on the female connector can be removed to expose 4-40 wing screws.

Excellent black D-Sub molded cable, DB25 male/female.
As a high-profile product, the black D-sub cable assembly provides maximum protection to prevent data damage caused by electromagnetic interference/radio frequency interference. Double shielded cables (copper wire braided with aluminum foil mylar) and customized steel inner shell distinguish these cables from other ready-made D-sub cables on the market.

2. the D-Sub adapter
Ultra-thin male and female adapter, HD62 female/female
Dual-purpose ultra-thin high-density converter can use mismatched D-sub male and female adapters, and wire through panel installation or wall installation (see panel installation tips). The thin design reduces the lever strain of the overstressed computer port and completely shields the electrical noise environment. Usually designed for serial or parallel applications.

Self-help kit, DB25 female /DB9 female
Use these universal adapter kits to create your own DB25/DB9 adapters. The kit includes two clamp covers, two cup connectors and mating hardware. Choose from male-male, male-female or mother-mother. Pre-stripped/tinned jumpers are provided separately, and the part number is DIYW(25 pieces/package).

Small right-angle adapter, DB25 male/female, cable outlet
Allow cables to be connected at a 90-degree angle to avoid nearby obstacles. 100% shielding can prevent electromagnetic interference/radio frequency interference. Gold-plated contacts provide reliable connection for repeated mating. Optional connector interfaces include DB9, DB15, DB25, DB37 or HD15 male-female connectors, and there are three exit directions to choose from.