In the wire to board connector, SMT connector is a common connection component. SMT connectors are usually designed as connectors suitable for surface mounting (SMT) on PCB.
SMT connectors can be classified according to several standards, including but not limited to the following:

1. Connection mode: According to different connection modes, SMT connectors can be divided into socket connectors and Pin type connectors. Socket connectors are connected through slots and pins, while Pin type connectors are connected by inserting pins into corresponding bonding pad.
2. Transmission type: According to different transmission types, SMT connectors can be divided into power connectors, signal connectors, RF connectors and other different types, which are used to transmit different types of signals or energy.
3. Interface type: According to different interface types, SMT connectors can be divided into USB connectors, HDMI connectors, RJ45 connectors and other different types for different interface standards and application scenarios.
4. Packaging form: According to different packaging forms, SMT connectors can be divided into straight DIP, SMT, angle type connectors, etc., and the appropriate type can be selected according to specific application requirements.

Its features include:
1. Miniaturization: SMT connectors are usually designed in small size to meet the requirements of modern electronic equipment for high integration and compactness.
2. Surface mounting: This connector is designed for surface mounting of PCB, and is not connected to the circuit board by plug or solder.
3. High density: SMT connectors can usually provide high-density connections, allowing more connection points to be carried out in limited space.
4. Reliability: High-quality SMT connector design can provide reliable electrical connection and ensure stable fixation on PCB.

SMT connectors are widely used in modern electronic devices, such as mobile phones, tablet computers, computers and consumer electronic products. They not only provide flexible connection solutions, but also help to realize the lightweight and thin design of equipment.