Pogo Pin is a common electronic component, which is usually used to connect components or wires on the circuit board.

The following is a description of the internal structure of Pogo Pin:

1.Spring part:

The core part of Pogo Pin is spring, which is usually made of metal, such as steel or copper alloy. The design of this spring makes it elastic and can provide pressure and good contact when connecting.

2.Pluger structure:

Pogo Pin usually has a head structure at the top, which is used to connect components or other connection points on the circuit board. The head structure can have different shapes and designs to meet different connection requirements.


Pogopins usually have housings to protect the springs and provide mechanical support. The shell is usually made of metal or plastic to provide structural strength and protect the internal components from the environment.

4.Connecting pins:

Pogopins usually have connecting pins at the bottom for insertion into the connecting holes of the circuit board. These pins are usually made of metal to ensure good connection and stable fixation.

Generally speaking, the internal structure of Pogo Pin includes spring part, head structure, shell and connecting pin. Together, these components ensure the reliability and stability of Pogo Pin when connecting the circuit.