In the connector industry, we hear about different types of connectors. There are three basic types of connectors: wire to wire, wire to board, and board to board, depending on the properties of the two ends to which the connector is connected. Here are the wire-to-wire connectors in connectors.

What is the definition of wire-to-wire connectors?

Wire to Wire connector refers to a Wire to Wire connector or cable to Wire connector. It is defined as a permanent connection between two single wires or the corresponding wires of two wires. Such permanent connections are more common in fixed-connection wire-to-wire connections and IDC connections.

What are the features of wire-to-wire connectors?

Wire to wire connector after T6 heat treatment, the appearance of stainless steel shot sand treatment, with good air tightness, beautiful appearance and other characteristics, simple operation and installation, convenient to achieve the effect of never leaking odor, eliminating the old ground, underground trap tedious installation and maintenance and connection. The wire-to-wire connector family includes rectangular, circular, wire-to-wire connector market prospects for subminiature D and ribbon connectors. Coaxial connectors are also in this family, but their design features for high frequency use will be discussed separately later.

In what areas are wire-to-wire connectors commonly used?

Wire-to-wire connector products are mainly used in automotive, communications, consumer electronics, data processing, industrial machinery and other fields. At present wire to wire connector is also toward standardization and customization of the two directions of development, product brand is also more and more attention.