Today, let's discuss the knowledge of pin header connector. The number of rows of pins can be divided into: single row, dual rows, triple rows and quad rows. At present, it is limited to quad rows, and the quad rows is generally in the pitched of 2.00mm and 2.54 mm.

The development trend of connectors should be miniaturization, because many products should deal with the smaller and lighter development trend, and there are certain regulations on pitches and appearance size, which will make the regulations on products more accurate. Miniaturization means that the pitches between pin number are small, that is, the PIN distance, and the density is high, which is to complete the number of large cores.

Pin header connectors can be customized according to customer requirements, such as pi header connectors, female header connectors, pogo pin connectors and other non-standard products. Generally speaking, many product manufacturers can customize connectors. Technical professional connector manufacturers will make design drawings and versions after customer confirmation. Only after it is determined that there is no problem with the test products can mass production be carried out.

Now, the connector manufacturers in China have their own R&D and production capabilities. For connector products such as pin header connectors, female header connectors, box header connector, etc., it has the ability of customized production. However, for customized connector products, manufacturers will have the minimum MOQ requirement, that is, the initial quantity.